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Your Ultimate Checklist When Hiring a CRO Agency

Today, most businesses place great importance on driving consistently high volumes of inbound Web traffic to their online domains. After all, having strong internet visibility can go a long way in creating brand awareness. However, this won’t necessarily lead to sales. To raise your conversions, you’ll need to improve the performance of your website significantly. Because this requires a certain level of knowledge and expertise, many choose to enlist the services of a CRO agency instead of keeping the job in-house

The decision of incorporating a program for optimization into an existing marketing campaign can lead to desirable results. And a critical stage in getting the process started is selecting the experts to deliver on your needs. Much like researching Des Moines SEO firms for those within the vicinity, a lot of thought goes into choosing a conversion rate optimization company. In this piece, we’ve laid out a checklist of all the things that your agency should be.

  • A CRO agency must have a strategic profile

When hiring any service provider, you’ll want to know and understand how they’ll meet your objectives, and a CRO agency is no exception. They mustn’t just have strategies of their own but possess the ability to detect any potential problems with their clients’ existing ones and address them accordingly. In other words, they must have a strategic profile that best aligns with your company’s goals, regardless of your industry or trade.

  • They should always conduct testing

Any agency that fails to test its efforts should automatically be discarded, especially when optimizing conversion rates. However, when all’s said and done, it’s impossible to decide solely on intuition; measuring the results of your efforts is the only way to guide you to the best course of action. Therefore, you must make sure that the selected firm conducts both multivariate and A/B testing. The less they leave to chance, the better the outcome will be. 

  • They must have the ability to optimize your landing page

The optimization of a landing page is vital to your project. As such, your CRO agency must know how to get it done perfectly. It’s fundamentally essential to understand whether the calls-to-action, structure, and visual elements are able to capture the attention of your target audience and encourage behavior that will lead to conversions, after all. If they don’t, the chances are that your conversion rate will be low.

  • They must prioritize the user experience

Another thing that you’ll need to consider when choosing a firm to meet your conversion rate optimization needs is to ensure that they provide qualitative data as much as they do quantitative data, like bounce rate, conversion percentage, and visitation numbers. Heatmaps, for example, play a critical role because they shed light on areas that get high click-through rates. With this, the agency can find any existing issues with user experience and continue optimizing the website.

  • They don’t skimp on the user interface 

Visual components, design interaction, and information architecture make up the user’s interface. As the name implies, this is what most users see when they visit the website. This is important to elevating conversions because it’s an integral component of user experience. For this reason, hiring an agency that is skilled in this particular area can go a long way in helping you achieve higher conversions.


No matter what kind of business you run, conversions are essential to the success of your entrepreneurial venture. That is why many work with a digital marketing agency to make the process quicker and more effective. Because optimizing conversion rates can be a complex affair, you’ll need to hire consummate professionals who can do the job well. By making sure that the chosen agency possesses the above mentioned skills and qualities, you’ll be able to hire the right one for you.

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